Friday, February 9, 2007

Janitor Hat

wearing many hats
cleaning up all the toilets
the shitter is full

Every job you get you must wear many different kinds of hats, it's true. I would have to say that life in the service gives you the chance to wear the greatest number and variety of hats. My newest being that of the Janitor, that's right I'm being paid by the tax payers to clean toilets. "How the heck is that?" you might ask. It's simple, we have toilets and we dirty them up so they must be cleaned. Cleaning of said toilets is done by the lowest ranking, because that's how it should be and that is how it has been since the beginning of time. Did the Pharaoh build his own pyramids? Oh no. Although I am a tad busy with all the other hats I have to wear, I will still find time to flop on my janitor's cap, roll up my sleeves and make things a little less shitty...

For the next few months I know some shitters that will be clean enough to eat off of, and I also know some mighty hungry people.