Monday, June 2, 2008

Tofu Tally #1

think of pepper spray
straight in the face of a guy
and who would you choose?

I recently closed out my first "Tofu Tally", a small poll on the right-hand side of the blog.  I'm stunned, amazed even, that everyone who voted, voted for our President. Those that voted, did you seriously picture the results in your mind, and could you possibly have more detest for the leader of the free world than for the most well known terrorist in modern times? Sadly, I expected at least one Mickey Mouse, but no. We can all rest soundly at night knowing that 100% of the people who voted wanted to see roast bush.

Thanks for the votes and expect more Tofu Tallies in the near future!!


Mother Hoodwink said...

Not only did I picture the results in my mind but I also pictured me getting him to the ground so I could stomp on his balls. Yeah, I'm a tad twisted but not as much as W.

teahouse said...

HA, it's too bad the poll is closed because I would have added to the votes for Dubya.