Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chat with random strangers! This was my first, and certainly not my last time talking with perfect strangers. Thrilling, fascinating, random, unpredictable. How much time will I waste with this, and is it worth my time?

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
Stranger: hi
You: How are you doing?
Stranger: How are you doing?
You: I'm doing pretty well, had kind of a long day. You?
Stranger: I'm doing pretty well, had kind of a long day. You?
You: You are pretty much repeating everything I say, thats pretty strange, stranger.
Stranger: You are pretty much repeating everything I say, thats pretty strange, stranger.
You: I've said pretty a lot, now it doesn't look like a real word.
Stranger: ...
Stranger: yea
Stranger: stop saying pretty
You: I will, totally.
Stranger: excellent
You: tubular.
You: Nobody uses tubular anymore, very underused.
Stranger: what are you, a ninja turtle
You: teenage mutant. the best kind.
Stranger: there's other kinds?
You: yeah, like middle-aged artistic ninja turtles.
Stranger: you know that weird... shuddering grunt when you push out a solid turtlehead?
Stranger: i just heard it from the cubicle next to me
You: yeah, its basey, and feels good.
You: does it stink?
Stranger: he always smells
You: have you told him?
Stranger: hell no
Stranger: he'd rape me
Stranger: so are you from the U S of A?
You: that link might help, it includes polite ways to tell him. He might refrain from raping you if you are extra polite.
You: I am!
You: does that make you think more or less of me. Circle one.
Stranger: no, i saw him rape a old lady in church because she didn't pass the tithe plate fast enough
Stranger: ok, i circled it
You: tubular.
Stranger: shit, now they moved
Stranger: hold on lemme circle it again
Stranger: dammit this isn't working
You: ok, why don't you just tell me which one?
Stranger: which one what?
You: which one you circled. otherwise, communication breaks down.
Stranger: don't sass me bitch
You: :(
Stranger: did I make you sad?
You: thats what the sad face was for.
Stranger: oh, i wasn't sure if it was a stingray or something
Stranger: they're faces always look like that
Stranger: guy or girl btw?
You: It seems like you know way more about me than I know about you, stranger.
Stranger: I do?
You: so far, you know that I am a TMNT and from the US.
You: I don't even know if you like Americans, or why I'm your bitch.
Stranger: oh very true
Stranger: you aren't my bitch and I am American myself
Stranger: I just throw the word bitch around because I like the sound
You: from where?
Stranger: north america
You: ahh, US is in North America. I remember that.
Stranger: oh good
Stranger: i was gonna copy and paste the wiki but east coast
You: which one of those states that are united are you from?
Stranger: massamachusetts
You: holy crap that looks like it was spelled wrong.
Stranger: it is
You: grab my pocket, bitch.
Stranger: what's in it?
You: they say that in prison, just sounds cool.
You: like I own you AND I get to say bitch.
Stranger: oooh, pocket probably mean rectum
You: probably.
Stranger: it's like a flesh pocket
Stranger: normal people put cigarettes in their pockets
Stranger: hense... grab my pocket bitch
Stranger: i like it
You: so, would you put cigarettes in your rectum?
Stranger: if i was in prison probably
You: they say people do a lot of odd things in prison.
Stranger: very true
Stranger: alright mr/ms stranger
Stranger: i have to go home because I have a hockey game soon
You: a Mass hockey game?
You: I'm a boy, seems pretty important question of yours.
Stranger: it's on a "dek" surface, just a small town league
You: have you knocked anyone's teeth out?
Stranger: i asked it once, how does that qualify it as more important than any of the other questions
Stranger: once or twice
Stranger: but they returned the favor
Stranger: peace out cubscout.
You: well twice, so it is the most important question you asked.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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