Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's raining bikes!

Sleek new bicycle
A woody rack on the back
The rain is a fool

So I finally was able to get the bike rack I purchased attached to my beach cruiser. It looks amazing, I have to tell you. No wait, I can't tell you I have to show you. It's late but I'm going to go right out there and take a picture so you can see.

Awesome, no? As you can see the back rack is made of wood, giving it that old-school surfer look, which is HOT for Tennessee... like it's so hot it makes no sense. Almost as hot as having a Navy Base here. I would like to give a huge shout-out and thanks to the guys at Peddler Bike Shop on Highland, near The University. They answered my questions about the rack quickly and professionally and then GAVE me the parts I needed to get the rack attached to my bike. GAVE! I will be going back there for all my bike needs, and if you're close enough I would like you to as well ;D They are awesome!

I would also like to point out my new orange helmet, which matches pretty close to the color of the bike. Man I like orange. (New helmet? - Please see older posts regarding contaminated poison oak helmet strap extravaganza '08) I think it just adds to the hotness.

Now, with all these new improvements and additions, and adding the incredible addict-like urge I have to ride since I've been forced to stay off my bike for the past two weeks, I was EXTREMELY excited to ride today. I was psyched, stoked, and ready.

It is raining for the next three days.



Mother Hoodwink said...

Cool fanny pack.

Kosher Tofu said...

It's a rolled handlebar pack. You're just jealous, and plus it's reflective!

Kerry said...

Orange? You're so trendy. (Said the woman with two orange strollers and an orange patterned backpack...)